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M2 Global Solutions Services
What can M2 Global Solutions Do For You
What can M2 Global Solutions do for you?

M2 Global Solutions is a network of manufacturing executives, consultants, and educators dedicated to the principle that North American manufacturing enterprises can use lean manufacturing practices to attain world-class status and enhance their competitive position in the global marketplace.

M2 Global Solutions will assess current practices, recommend training, and lead the company through embracing and applying the principles of the Lean Enterprise.  The objectives are faster growth and increased profitability through the alignment of value-creating activities, in a smooth flow, synchronized with customer demand.

The M2 Global Solutions project assessment process includes:

• Introduction Presentation

• Management survey and interviews

• Business data analysis of key metrics and financial health (operating income ratios, fixed and variable costs, cash flow, and product line margins)

• Lean assessment survey including:

   – Lean Enterprise Evaluation:  Analysis of flow and waste in the value stream

   – Organizational Review:  Analysis of integration/alignment of non-manufacturing functions;
      employee enablement, involvement, and empowerment; distribution and transportation

• Improvement opportunities summary (Covers targets of opportunity such as value creation methods, production or product development, environmental and safety, change objectives for the enterprise, value stream map disconnects, specific Kaizen projects in support of the enterprise lean strategy)

• Authorization to proceed

• Execute the specific projects as defined and authorized in the previous bullets

Deliverable Services Include:

Assessment of Manufacturing & Supply Chain Effectiveness

Development and Deployment of Strategic Tactical Plans

Implementation of Enhanced Processes and Methods

Additional Services Include Projects to Provide or Improve:
•  Bid and Proposal Development •  Lean Design
•  Cellular Manufacturing •  Lean Manufacturing
•  Concurrent Engineering •  Load Leveling (Heijunka)
•  Consolidation / Plant Relocation •  Logistics
•  Constraints Management •  Maintenance Management / TPM
•  Continuous Flow •  Make vs. Buy Studies
•  Continuous Improvement / Kaizen •  Manufacturing Systems / ERP
•  Contract Management & Administration •  Mergers and Acquisitions
•  Corporate Strategy Development •  Operations Analysis
•  Corporate Culture •  Outsourcing
•  Customer Satisfaction Surveys •  Plant Layout / Modernization
•  Design for Manufacturing, Testing, and/or
•  Project Management
•  Eliminating Waste (Muda) •  Self-Managing Work Teams
•  Equipment Availability and Performance
•  Setup Reduction / QCO
•  Error Proofing (Poka-Yoke) •  Shop Floor Control
•  Factory Design •  Six Sigma Methodology
•  Feasibility Studies •  Standardized Work
•  Inventory Reduction •  Supplier / Customer Relationships
•  ISO 9000 / AS9100 •  Theory of Constraints
•  Just-In-Time / Pull Systems •  Time Based Manufacturing
•  Kanban Design •  Value Stream Mapping / Process Redesign
•  Kaizen Philosophy •  Visual Factory/5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine,
    Systematize, Sustain)

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